567 Mountain Village Blvd, Telluride, Colorado 81435
(970) 728-2330

Ownership at a Glance

Ownership at Fairmont Heritage Place Franz Klammer Lodge is fee-simple and deeded, just as homes or condominiums anywhere in the country.

The deed can be taken in a two bedroom, two bath residence, or a three bedroom, three bath residence at an ownership level according to the designations (1/20th, 1/10th share, etc.) described in the Ownership Opportunities page.

Depending on what size of residence (two or three bedroom) is right for your family’s needs, and how much you want to come and use your ownership (1/20th, 1/10th, 1/5th) and enjoy Telluride, you can customize your Fairmont home in the mountains to fit your needs.

Common to all types of deeded interests at Fairmont Heritage Place Franz Klammer Lodge, though, is the ability to:


Enjoy it for your personal use, or extend it to family and friends


Reciprocity to over 100 Fairmont branded properties worldwide


Participate in Fairmont Heritage Place Franz Klammer Lodge’s In-House Rental Program


Gift through generations of your family


Re-sell it at anytime


Donate planned vacation weeks to a charitable cause