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Bear Creek Trail in Telluride about to become a Loop!


Good news for Telluride’s hiking scene!

The U.S. Forest Service is working with the Town of Telluride to connect segments of Bear Creek trail on the EAST side of the trail, so that this newly created east-side trail is whole, and then connected to the well-established and traveled WEST side trail.

THE RESULT:  a new 6 MILE LOOP in the Bear Creek Preserve!

If you’re like me, you’ve just gone up Bear Creek Trail a few miles, then backtracked and come down the same wide trail.

Now we can do a loop.

All that has to happen is the U.S. Forest service needs to approve the last bit of trail (about 300 feet worth) that would cross its land.  Once this happens, the loop is complete.

Town of Telluride Program Director Lance McDonald says the loop could be up and running around October 4th with just a few days of trail work.


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